Ready, Set, Go!

The staff at Rim Family Services, Inc. encourages you to prepare and or update your evacuation list today.  CAL FIRE has seen a 41% increase in wildfires this year to date!

Please see our Ready, Set, Go! tips on our Emergency Preparedness tab above.  We have many other tips too ranging from water storage to 72-hour kits.

In the likely chance of evacuation, you’ll be glad you prepared today!

From January 1 – October 22, 2017:

  • 2017 (CAL FIRE) –  6,267 fires for 497,281 acres (CAL FIRE a 41% increase in wildfires.)
  • 2016 (CAL FIRE) –  4,529 fires for 244,198 acres
  • Average (CAL FIRE) –  4,445 fires for 201,519 acres