Environmental Prevention Program

Our Environmental Prevention Program is working hard to prevent drug abuse in our San Bernardino mountain communities from Crestline to the Big Bear Valley.

Our goal is to partner with the community to develop solutions to reduce drug abuse by youth.  Above all, we need your help!

Some of the services we offer include: free drug awareness presentations, technical assistance on developing drug prevention related programs and policies, and assistance in coordinating community coalitions and clubs.  Need other resources?  Then click here.

We also work closely with several community coalitions:

First, join US.  Please join one (or all) of these coalitions and join in the fight against youth drug abuse.

Rim Communities for Youth Coalition

Breakthrough Task Force

Above the Influence Coalition

Crestline Youth Coalition

Big Bear Designated Driver Program

Rim Communities Designated Driver Program

Secondly, if you would like a presentation about drug prevention, our Environmental Prevention Program know.  We are happy to come and share drug prevention information with you.

Lastly, please take a moment and fill out one of our surveys.  We need to know your perception of the drug abuse situation in our mountain communities.  CLICK HERE to take a survey.