Community-Based Recovery Service Center

Community-Based Recovery Service Center

Are you in recovery and looking for fun drug and alcohol-free activities? Are your family members having problems with substance abuse and you don’t know how to help? Do you need help to quit smoking? Our Recovery Center has the answer to these questions. Check out the many services offered below and don’t forget to stop by our Mobile Resource Center (MRC) when you see it in your community. We would love to see you.

  • Aftercare GroupThis group is designed for those new to recovery or anyone who feels they need the added support in their recovery program. The Aftercare Group meets once per week and gives group members the opportunity to share areas or events in their lives that may be causing triggers that threaten relapse. Group members are encouraged to give each other support and encouragement in their recovery. A Registered Addiction Specialist facilitates the group. Please call Joscelyn for more information (909) 336-1800.
  • Drug Education ClassesDo you have a teen that is at high risk for drug use? Our Drug Education Classes are a great resource to help you combat this issue. Classes are offered at Rim Family Services, Rim High School, or MPH Middle School. These classes give information on the effects of drug use on the body, the causes of addiction, and how to avoid these dangers. For more information call Joscelyn at (909) 336-1800.
  • Family Support GroupThis support group is designed for family members of those dealing with addiction. Group members share experiences and give support to one another. Topics of the group discussions are taken from the book, So, You’re Living With An Addict: A Practical Guide For Family Members written by Kristine Scullin.

    Some of the topics are:

    • Am I Helping or Enabling?
    • Have I Lost My Instincts?
    • Can I Believe the Addict?
    • Family Violence
    • Addiction: A Family Affair

    Please call Joscelyn with any questions regarding this group (909) 336-1800.

  • Social ActivitiesSocial activities are offered to the recovery community and their families. We meet twice a month to connect and have fun together. Dinner is offered once a month followed by games and activities. The activities provide alcohol and drug-free experiences for families to enjoy together. Some of the activities we have had in the past are: bowling & pizza night, hiking the Exploration Trail, Pumpkin Patch & carving activity, and a visit with Santa. Please come and join in on the fun. Call for dates and times (909) 336-1800.
  • Smoking Cessation

    Smoking is an addiction that can be overcome! Rim Family Services provides a free class to help you stop smoking. There are so many dangers to your health and the health of your loved ones from cigarette smoke. Why not sign-up today and see how your life can change? For more information please call Joscelyn at (909) 336-1800.

  • MRCKeep an eye out for our Mobile Resource Center. You may see our motor home in Running Springs, Rimforest, Crestline, or at a community event. Please stop by and say hello. We offer links to many services and resources. If you stop by, you will meet one of our friendly counselors that can share information or even show you a life-skills video. Do you want to know how to balance a checkbook, need help looking for work, making decisions, managing money, self-care, refusal skills, values, or personal responsibility? Yep, they can help you with that too. We also offer intake appointments on the MRC. Just give us a call ahead of time and we can schedule it. (909) 336-1800
  • Life Skills ClassesLife Skills Classes are short little classes that are offered on the MRC (Mobile Resource Center). Participants watch a video and then discuss what they have watched with a counselor.

    Topics of the Life Skill class include:

    • How to Balance a Checkbook
    • Making Decisions
    • Managing Money
    • Self-care
    • Refusal Skills
    • Values
    • Personal Responsibility

    Please call for a schedule of when the MRC will be in your area or with any other questions you may have (909) 336-1800.