Community Support Groups

Rim Family Services also offers several community support groups for our mountain citizens. These groups are meant to help participants to create a network of understanding friendships and develop skills to support them through periods of increased stress. Rim Family Services wants to be a resource to you during these times. Check out these awesome groups below:

SS - Logo
Suicide Survivors Group

This group will provide participants with a safe place to explore and share their emotions related to the loss of their loved one.

LT - Logo
Life Transitions Support Group

This group will help participants with making connections that may develop into friendships and a support network. Examples of these “life transitions” include: loss of job, recent retirement, divorce, death of a loved one, etc.

After Care Group

This group is meant to help those who have received Drug and Alcohol Treatment to create lasting friendships and develop a support system to assist in their new sober, drug-free lifestyles.

FG - Logo
Family Group

This group is meant to help participants develop tools to assist family members with a history of substance abuse in maintaining a lifestyle of recovery.

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Children’s Anger Management

This group will provide children from 8 to 10 years of age the skills needed to process the complex emotion of anger.

For more information about joining a group, please call Rim Family Services at (909) 336-1800.