Big Bear Designated Driver Program


Big Bear
Designated Driver Program

In an effort to keep our streets safe, we are asking local businesses that serve alcohol to incorporate a “Designated Driver” program for their patrons if they do not already have one in place. This program allows the DD to receive free non-alcoholic beverages for the course of the evening, and the DD is presented with an official wristband that identifies them as the Designated Driver. Participating merchants support the program by allowing a pre-determined discount at their businesses when presented with the official DD wristband in an effort to honor those Designated Drivers that have willingly ensured safety on out streets when celebrating.

If you or your business is interested in participating in the campaign to keep our community’s streets safe, please contact Rim Family Services’ Prevention Department at (909) 336-1800

Check out all the business that utilize our program!


Alley Oops at the Bowling Barn

AV Nightclub

Azteca Grill

Barnstorm Cafe

Big Bear Chateau

Big Bear Elks Lodge

Big Bear Lake Brewing Company

Big Bear Mountain Brewery

Captain’s Anchorage

El Jacalito Grill & Cantina

Hacienda Grill

La Bamba Mexican Restaurant

Laguna Grill

Maggio’s Pizza

Murray’s Saloon and Eatery

Nottingham’s Restaurant Tavern

Nuevo Vallarta Grill

Old Country Inn

Paoli’s Italian Country Kitchen

The Pines Lakefront

The Pine Tavern

Red Barron’s Pizza

Sandys Sports Bar and Restaurant

Santana and Mavericks

Sonora Cantina.

Saucy Mamas

Sweet Basil Bistro

Whiskey Dave’s

Wyatt’s Cafe and Saloon


A Christmas Store N More(10% off)  

Amangela’s Sandwich & Bagel House(10% off)                                                                      

An Ran Ju Gelato(10% off)                                              

  Arco AM/PM The Bath Workshop (10% off)                            

Bear Essentials                                    

Bear Skins (10% off)

Bear Valley Ski & Board Shop (10% off) 

Belladonna (10% off)

Big Bear Vacations BLT’S Sandwich Bar & Grill                          

Brown Bear Gift Shop                                 

Chains Required Bike Shop (10% off)    

Chirp Nature Center (10 % off)                              

Copper Q (10% off or free small coffee)                    

  Del Lago’s Boutique (15% off)                  

Gems of the West (10% off)                                     

Get the Burger                                          

Getboards (10% off)                                  

Goldsmiths Board Shop (10% off)              

Heidi’s Consignment

Home Warehouse Design Center (10% off) 

Kathy’s Postal Plus/Kathy’s Art, Etc (10% off)                                                     

Mountain Munchies                                            

Mountain Room Escapes (10% off)                    

Natures Inn (10% off)                                      

North Pole Fudge (10% off)                         

Paisley Boutique (10% off)                          

PTL + Ministries (10 % off)                            

The Shirt Shanty 

Special Effects (Various Discounts)                  

The UPS Store (10% off shipping)