Parents As Teachers


Parents As Teachers is an evidence- based, FREE, early childhood education program.

Parents As Teachers is NOW Enrolling!
YOU are your child’s first and most important teacher!

In PAT, families will receive:

  • Individual home visits with a certified Educator—we come to you!
  • Information on your child’s development,
  • Group connections- meet other parents, share experiences, and discuss parenting topics
  • Play- based learning activities and parenting    information
  • Special bonding time with your child
  • Make the most of your child’s early learning years- the most crucial time of brain development!

What are the benefits of PAT?

Research has shown:

  • PAT children scored higher on standardized measures of reading, math and language in elementary grades
  • Compared to non-PAT children, PAT children required half the rate of remedial and special education placements in 3rd grade
  • Teachers rated PAT children significantly higher than non-PAT children on multiple, factors of school readiness (emotional well-being, fine motor, expressive language, receptive language and social competence)

Our vision: All children will learn, grow and develop to realize their full potential.

Interested in enrolling in this free program? Call Rim Family Services at (909) 336-1800.