Rim Youth Prevention Leadership Coalition Members and Supporters

Hello Rim Youth Prevention Leadership Coalition Members and Supporters,

This email is to remind you about our upcoming meeting on Tuesday, March 27 at 10 AM at the Mary Tone Community Center in Crestline: 23332 Crestline Road. At this time, the plan is that I will treat you all to my special homemade coffee cake…a favorite of my family!

Among other things, we will all get a chance to view a final draft of the tri-fold brochure that Carol Kinzel has worked on so diligently. We’ll make plans for our upcoming Community Conversations. We’ll talk ALOT about the synthetic drugs: spice and bath salts, and how they are affecting our kids and potentially our community. We’ll hear an update on raves in our County and how that whole situation is affecting us. We will also hear how some Coalition members took an opportunity to address the marijuana smokeout event at the National Orange Show and how you can use the same strategy to address the raves held there.

Please plan to join us and invite a friend to come along!

Colleen Myers, RASi
Drug Prevention Program Coordinator