Crestline Skatepark BBQ and Hangout 2!

Come on out to the second Crestline Skatepark BBQ and Hangout! 5pm today (Sept. 22nd) at the Crestline Skatepark on Lake Gregory Drive in Crestline, CA. It is completely free!

The Crestline Skatepark BBQ and Hangout event started as an idea by one of the Mountain High Community Care teen club members, who felt more teen oriented events and groups within our mountain communities would help prevent youth substance abuse. The club went further and sought the collaboration of Rim Family Services, the Rim Communities for Youth Coalition, the Lake Gregory Recreation Company, and many of the local mountain church youth groups to make the event a reality! The first event garnered 250 attendees and was a load of fun!

The sequel event is soon to commence so please come on out TODAY and have some fun!